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We often get asked on Instagram how a maker can do a giveaway, feature and other fun things with us. We've put together a few of those commonly asked questions below, but don't hesitate to reach out if there is something else you're still wondering about.


What is the Instagram feature and how long is the wait?
Our Instagram feature is an image (chosen by us from your IG) and write up in a post on our account. Because it's the simplest to apply for, it also has the longest wait time, with hundreds of applications in line. Click here to apply for a free Instagram feature.

Can I skip the line and pay for a feature?

YES! We are now offering an opportunity to skip the line and pay to be featured. If you are interested in being featured sooner, please click here to fill out the form and choose your feature package.

NEW! Reel Features - what is it?

We are now offering reel features. Create a reel, send it our way and if you're selected, we'll share with our followers. This is NEW, so there's no wait list at the moment AND no fee! A great new way to get featured. Just send us a DM that you'd like to participate and make sure you have the rights to the content.


What is the blog feature and how long is the wait?

Our blog features is a write up about you the maker and your company on our blog. There is a longer application to fill out for a blog feature. We ask that you take your time and give as much detail as possible - remember to make it fun and interesting. The wait list isn't as long, and we are hoping to do more blog features as time permits. Click here to apply for a free blog post feature.


If I'm featured, what do I need to do on my end?

If you're chosen for a free feature, PLEASE share our "I've been featured" image on your Instagram account. Helping us spread the word about our community and marketplace is the best gift you can give us in return. We really appreciate all of your likes, comments and shares - it truly goes further then you can imagine in helping us out. 


Are features guaranteed?

No. While we do our best to feature everyone, we do have a specific criteria we are looking for when choosing items to post. Please read our blog post: Tips for Being Featured. 


Are there any other ways of being featured?

Yes, there definitely are! Over on Instagram, we like to do Free Feature Fridays where you follow the giveaway details for your chance to win. We also watch for those who interact with our content the most (comment, share, likes and save) and feature them. Anotherik fun feature is our THIS or THAT game, in our stories. For a chance at that feature, all you have to do is direct message us with your two images you'd like us to compare.


I see you now have Guides - how do I get featured in one?

Tag us! These are new and we hope to be doing many going forward. It's another fun way to be featured, plus a cool way to check out makers. These will be holiday and season focused, so just keep tagging!


Can I guest blog post on your blog?

If you are a blogger, content creator or believe you have something relevant to add to our blog - of course. Please email us with your blog post (idea). We'll be sure to review and get back to you on whether you would be a good fit or not.


Can I send you my products?

We love learning about new makers. If you would like to send us something to try, please email us. If we love your product, we will do our best to mention/tag your company, but please be aware this is not a partnership, and there is no guarantee of a certain type of feature (ie blog, story, IG post). If you want to verify that you will be featured, please email us first with your item details.


How do I do a giveaway on Handmade Canada?

We love giveaways - we mean, who doesn't? We have hosted giveaways for makers or we have had makers gift us items and then follow up with another of that item for a giveaway. Either way, if you're interested in doing a giveaway, please send us a message on Instagram or email us.  


Can you offer a promo code for our items?

We have offered to do promo codes for items that are gifted. We prefer to show our audience your product through a story and then offer them an opportunity to purchase with a promo code. Please send us a message on Instagram or email us if you are looking to offer a promo code to our followers.


Are you interested in a paid partnerships or advertising?

We are currently accepting paid partnerships and advertising. Please email us to discuss this further. 


For all other inquiries, please send us a message on Instagram or email us.

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